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helping hands

Worship is ultimately what the Christian life is all about. We believe worship is so much more than simply singing a few songs during a service. It is a life that is being lived as a living sacrifice before God. As we live our lives for Jesus, we will love and serve others simply because we want to love Jesus. This is true worship.

As we gather together as a body of believers, we seek to demonstrate this worship through corporate singing, serving, prayer, and giving. We are always looking for people whose gifting to serve musically is only surpassed by their heart to do so. If you believe God has gifted you in the use of music for worship, please contact us.

The Audio/Visual Ministry is the backbone behind the Worship Ministry. They are responsible for ensuring the sound and visual/ video components go off without a hitch during each service.

When audio/visual runs smoothly, most people won’t really notice or think about it. It is our desire with this ministry to use technology as a tool to enhance our corporate time of worship and study, and to use it in such a way to provide as few distractions as possible.

If you would like to get involved with the Audio/Visual Ministry, or would simply like some more information, please contact us.

Helping hands is a ministry that was started to give people an opportunity to use their time and talents to meet the needs of people, both inside and outside of the church.
Here’s how it works:

A group gets together and heads over to a house or location and does a job for them, just to be a blessing. Past events have included fence building, leaf raking, and landscaping.

Pretty simple, but very impactful. If yould like to get involved, contact us.

we need your help

Whether you are gifted in teaching, handy with tools, welcoming and hospitable, or tech savvy, there is a place for you to serve in the church!

We welcome you to use your gifts. Please click the button below to fill out a Ministry Application! 

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