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Hello Church Family, 

You probably know Calvary Chapel has a wonderful history of going through the Bible. As we are committed to rightly dividing the Word of Truth, we get to hit all the verses whether they are encouraging, equipping, exposing, or promoting expiation (repentance for wrongdoing). We are now at a very important and relevant text in Romans 1 concerning homosexuality. I am mindful that being a family service this topic can be a shocking and uncomfortable subject. I am praying and preparing to communicate it in a way that is appropriate, sensitive to the audience and yet will also not be shying away from the words and subjects used in scripture. That being said, we invite you to take advantage of the park structure for ages 3+ or to take a walk with your youngster around the perimeter where you can listen, but they can be occupied playing in the field.


On the other hand tomorrow’s message will be very informative and equipping for some youth. You may want to use tonight as an opportunity to have a discussion with your young ones about Gods design for gender, marriage, and sex as well as the fallen condition of our culture around us. This may temper the shock factor of hearing certain words for the first time even in a church setting. 

Please be in prayer for me as I prepare to lovingly bring the enduring truth of God’s Word to our church body. 

Love you all, Pastor Rory

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